Thief steals trailer in Fort Myers filled with artist’s work

Pam Stockfish has been crafting and making beaded knickknacks for the last 18 years. And like many artists, she relies on tourist season to make money.

“This weekend I was supposed to be in Punta Gorda, that’s always a huge show. Huge. Couple weeks I was supposed to be in Islamorada, that’s always a given show,” Stockfish said.

But she found out early Thursday morning that all of her hours of hard work disappeared.

“My boyfriend called me this morning and asked if I picked up the trailer for my art show this weekend and I said no and…it’s gone. Gone,” she said.

Custom displays and priceless pieces of art were inside the trailer that someone took off of Metro Parkway near Daniels Parkway in Fort Myers.

“I don’t care about the trailer. I was more upset about my hundreds of hours worth of work that I did that’s in that trailer right now. Hours and hours worth of work,” Stockfish said.

She says she’s now out about $10,000 and can’t go to any more art shows for the rest of the season. But she does have a message for the thief.

“Keep the trailer, I don’t care. Keep the trailer. Drop my merchandise off where you took it. I just want the bins of my merchandise,” Stockfish said. “If you feel the need to keep my displays, go ahead. If you want the tent, go ahead. I just want my inventory back.”