Man spotted taking pictures, following family from Cape Coral park

A man was spotted taking pictures and then following a family home in his car from Jaycee Park in Cape Coral.

But, this might not be his first time.

Cape Coral resident Susan Fridley said she comes to Jaycee Park almost every night with her dogs. She said that while it is peaceful, she encountered someone taking pictures of her car a few weeks ago.

“He had his camera out, phone out, he was taking a pictures. He’d take photos up and down, and then angle it, and then take pictures of people too,” Fridley said. “I said, ‘Hey, are you taking a picture of my car?’ He said, ‘Oh, just taking pitures.'”

Just yesterday, a similar situation was reported to Cape Coral Police Department. The person who filed the report said a man was taking pictures of her and three kids, and then followed them out of the park in a silver Acura.

The woman who filed the report did not want to speak with WINK News on camera, but her actions are being commended by Fridley.

“When you’re here with your kids, that’s a whole different deal. She did the right thing. You better report it, you never know,” Fridley said. “Always be aware. I mean, it doesn’t matter what it is, just pay attention.”

The woman who filed the report said she wanted police to keep record of what happened to her.

WINK News reached out to CCPD to see if they plan on upping patrols in the park, or if they want to put out a description of the man from the park. WINK News has not heard back.

Reporter:John-Carlos Estrada
Writer:Emily Ford