Opa-locka mail facility tied to terror investigation

Outside this sorting facility, all eyes are now centered. The federal investigation, involving explosive packages, brought federal agents to South Florida.

The FBI discovered that one of the bomb packages potentially passed through a postal facility in Opa-locka on Thursday.

Locals WINK News spoke to, even some with family who work in a mail office, said it shakes their sense of any security.

“This is our country,” Ernesley Gomez said. “We’re destroying it slowly.”

Gomez said he is especially disturbed. He has close family ties at the mail facility that is now the center of a terror investigation.

“It bothers me a lot because I have family members that work in that facility, so to hear that news is shocking and saddening,” Gomez said.

A U.S. Postal Service employee tells us the facility handles mail addressed to and from South Florida.

“It’s a huge building,” Sylvester McKenzie said. “It’s a football field, and they deliver a lot of packages every day.”

“We don’t know who sent the packages,” McKenzie said. “If the person lives close by here in Opa-locka or far away.”

McKenzie expressed uncertainty for overall safety for those around him.

“I don’t feel like we’re safe,” McKenzie said. “What if one of the packages could have exploded at the job and injured so many innocent people? That’s really bad, and I don’t feel safe.”

Reporter:Hannah Vogel
Writer:Jack Lowenstein